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Our Point of Sale systems are meticulously designed for operational efficiency. Essential restaurant POS functionality and advanced features empower you to run your business without compromise. From pizza delivery to restaurants and bars and upscale dining, our POS systems offer comprehensive functionality to power your business. Combining next generation innovation with common-sense screen ergonomics, our Point of Sale systems deliver a restaurant management product you can't get anywhere else.

With Quick Service (QSR), our lightning-fast order entry will move customer lines quickly, with essential features such as fast-counter mode, scale integration and more. When you need that extra horsepower for those rush hours, our POS solutions provide a wealth of on-demand line-busting solutions. And a combination of elegance and power elevates our POS systems as an optimal solution for fine dining establishments. No matter what type of food establishment you manage, our Point of Sale systems specifically target customer experience, lightning fast transactions, and operational efficiency to effectively manage your business.

What are some benefits of our Point of Sales systems?

Customer Facing

  • Table-top ordering
  • Kiosk ordering
  • DineBlast QuickPay
  • DineBlast Mobile Ordering
  • Integrated online ordering
Customer Experience

  • Loyalty and gift card
  • Floating checks
  • Customer paging
System Modes

  • Counter service
  • Table service
  • Drive-thru
  • Takeout & delivery

  • INFORM alert and automatic notification
  • Employee scheduling
  • Cash management
  • Advanced tip sharing
  • Mobile dashboard and reporting
  • Employee contests

  • Delivery mapping
  • Address auto-fill
  • Delivery boundaries with upcharge delivery fee
  • Caller ID integration
  • Driver management console
Even More

  • Guest check recall by CC
  • Liquor dispenser integration
  • Stock count
  • Food costing integration
  • Hostess module with SmartHost predictive forcasting
  • Pre-authorization bar tabs

Restaurant Point of Sale Solutions Restaurant Point of Sale Solutions
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